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i960_cyclone: Cyclone PCI911 - PCI Intelligent I/O Controller

This target is an i960 cpu on a Cyclone 911 board. It uses the breeze monitor installed on the board to perform the core processor manipulation stuff, so processor tables need not be directly set up.

The binutils/gcc target type is i960-ucr. Object files are coff, and the breeze monitor understands coff files directly.

The way to load images onto the Cyclone board is through the serial port. Connect to the device using your favorite terminal emulator (Linux users may use Seyon) to get the mon960 prompt. Start the download to the board by issuing the do command at the mon960 prompt, then use your terminal emulator to xmodem the .scof file onto the board.

After downloading, execute the program with the go command at the monitor prompt. GDB is supported across the PCI bus, so is quite crisp.

For further details about operating the Cyclone board, see the PCI911 PCI Intelligent I/O Controllers User's Manual


Stephen Williams