Halftone Scanning and Halftoning

This page covers some technical aspects of the scanning and printing of halftones.

Illustrated Book Study

Conducted by the Cornell University Department of Preservation and Conservation and Picture Elements under the sponsorship of the Library of Congress, the Illustrated Book Study focussed on how best to treat illustrated books from the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Halftone Detection and Descreening Utility

This free software, developed by Picture Elements during the Illustrated Book Study, is being released under the BookTools Project. To better understand its capabilities, please read the User's Manual.

This software may be used only for non-commercial purposes. It may not be incorporated into products. You may use the source code only if you agree with these restrictions.

I agree.
I do not agree.

Example Halftone Illustrations Treated with the Descreening Utility

For more information on the processing performed on these images, please see the Illustrated Book Study.

A PDF File Incorporating De-Screened Halftone Regions as JPEGs

Try this sample from a NASA publication on the Apollo 8 mission.

High Quality Halftoning

A new approach to printing bank checks. Contact us.

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